This is a story of an Adventure about a group of people and a few Pets that operate a Cannabis Dispensary known as

Welcome to a tale of Cannabis in the Cannabis Culture.

One must say the appropriate word before entering I Door say.

Hmmm...you may also use PPP to Enter.

Cowabunga Dudes and Dudettes!

It's a 420 Celebration Day

     It was a warm summer afternoon but the employees from the Ucannadue Dispensary 

 found a rather cool spot to enjoy some good times and music. 

Dog, You know the best hangouts...


     Man, we are going to be so late for the Festivities in the Wild and that's why I brought this along. 

Say Dog, is that some of your famous cannabis sauce?

Did I tell you Guys what a relief it is to hang out in the nude, clothing, bla.

I want to thank you for dragging me out of the Dispensary and bringing me here

for the afternoon.

The last time we visited Festivities in the Wild I'm certain it was the center trail we took.

No, we took the left one.

You Guys won't figure it out by playing rock, scissor, and paper.

Dog, you mean you can't get a wi-fi singnal? 

Guys, how is the rock, scissor, and paper coming along?

Members Only

Smoky, there's not a faster Horse in the Territory.

Jill, how I know this is the good stuff? You have two left feet. Oh ya.

Dog, this Cannabeer is great, new batch?

Absolutely is a new batch and I've got an ale I'm perfecting, 

should be ready by the month's end. 

Everyone sighs together...yum.

If You two are here then may I ask "Who's operating the Dispensary?"

What an afternoon in the Wild and so thankful 

to have an inside Smoke Club and all these cannabis beers as well.

So, WC, you decided eating the entire box was the right choice did you? Boy!

You've been visiting the Dog Park for 20 years now and the Rules are still the same, Boy!

You know ya got ta break off a piece for us Guys out here and for sure the crumbs

get dumped, right Guys?

Say Chef, you say you want this Rump flayed first?

Next Stop? Freemont Experience! All Aboard The 420 Express!

I had no Idea you had this much under cultivation...

Where did I leave my pipe this time? Must I tie everything around my neck?

Let me log off and then to the Dog Park we go, she hasn't been outside since early this morning 

and I just had the floors cleaned.  I also have a treat for the 2 of us when we get to the park.

This story is under development,

please stand by...