This is a story of an Adventure about a group of people and a few Pets that operate a Cannabis Dispensary known as


It's a 420 Celebration Day

It was a warm summer afternoon but the employees from the Dispensary 

 found a rather cool spot to enjoy some good times 

and music. 

Dog, You know the best hangouts...

     Man, we are going to be so late for the Festivities in the Wild and that's why I brought this along.    

Say Dog, is that some of your famous cannabis sauce?

The last time we visited it was the center trail we took.

No, the left one.

You Guys won't figure it it play rock scissors paper.

Dog, you mean you can't get a wi-fi singnal? 

Guys, how that rock scissors paper coming along?

Members Only

Smoky, there's not a faster Horse in the Territory.

Jill, how I know this is the good stuff? You have two left feet. Oh ya.

Dog, I used all my cash on supplies for the cookies, you mind If I pay you today in assets?

Girrrrrr Ya!

If You two are here then may I ask "Who's operating the Dispensary?"

What an afternoon in the Wild and so thankful 
to have an inside Smoke Club and all these cannabis beers as well.